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Cologne offers seemingly endless attractions, led by its famous cathedral whose filigree twin spires dominate the skyline, there are so many things to experience in this German city. Here we show you another way to the next grand experience of your senses - how to get to a quality brothel in Cologne.

This extremely old cathedral city on the river Rhine is one of the most important commercial and cultural centers in western Germany. Cologne is famous all over the world for its 12 great Romanesque churches - especially the magnificent Cologne Cathedral - all an easy walk from the historic Old Town, and its university is one of the oldest and largest in Europe. With so much culture occupying their mind, who wouldn't want to indulge also in the pleasures of the body. This is maybe also why Cologne is the home of the biggest 12-floor mega brothel in Europe as well as outdoor sex boxes and gentleman clubs where men can walk around naked all day switching from the sauna to the bedroom.

Breathtaking experiences await! To browse for all your desires in brothels in Cologne, just go through the brothels shown below or checkout the map.

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