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Brothels, Strip Clubs & Erotic Clubs in Antwerp

Antwerp is majestic, but surely not as exciting as all the intense looks sexy girls give you behind their "windows". The mayor personally signs all permits for owners of prostitution "windows", so the city takes its rules and building codes seriously. This regulation makes brothels in Antwerp a truly relaxing place to visit, and visit you shall.
The port of Antwerp, Belgium’s second largest city, prostitution is legal on three streets only – Verversrui, Vingerlingstraat and Schippersstraat. The area, also known as the Sailor’s Quarter, is kept safe by constant and very low-profile police patrolling. Antwerp is free from tourist crowds, the red light district is newly renovated and has the feel of an ancient port, and some even say that girls here seem to be much more exciting and pretty. Of course the city is full with strip clubs and massage parlous in case you had too much Belgium beer to make it to the Sailor's Quarter.

No matter if you are interested in erotic massage or a full service or a kink this website is the only resource you need to find the playful that satisfy your palate in the brothels of Antwerp.

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