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Brothels, Strip Clubs & Erotic Clubs in the Netherlands

Tired of the tulips, windmills and dikes? Then you should really try to visit a brothel in the Netherlands. Apart from the cultural stuff mentioned above, the Netherlands is above all famous for its legal coffeeshops and legal prostitution.

This means that the big Dutch cities have lots of erotic venues, from hardcore sex clubs to classy strip clubs. The fact that prostitution and most erotic businesses are legal means that the different clubs are easier to find than in other countries. The Netherlands has a fascinating and active nightlife scene that leaves its visitors with the best memories. There are wild parties with hot male and female entertainers on every corner! So what are you waiting for?

Enough chitchat and time for action. Below you find the different erotic venues available in the Netherlands. You can also find different brothels and strip clubs on the map. Explore the clubs by checking out their pictures, website and social media pages. There is enough to choose from. Have fun in an exclusive strip club, fetish club or brothel in the Netherlands.
BonTon -  Strip Club



1072AD Amsterdam

North Holland

The Netherlands

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