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Brothels, Strip Clubs & Adult Clubs in Norway

Don't let the name deceive you we do it every way! Looking for a brothel in Norway? Yes-way! This page shows you the best of Norwegian's bordellos, massage parlors, sex, fetish and strip clubs. Let the adult entertainment begin!

If you go for skiing or take long walks in the woods, like the locals or opt for more extreme sports like Wingsuit flying, you won't last long in this cold. What better way to get warm than between the legs of gorgeous Norwegian girls? They will sweep you off your feet, make you feel hot, wanted and super cozy, or as they say "Kos".

Your Norwegian bender will not be complete without checking-in at least one of the fantastic erotic venues we list below. Here you will find location, website, opening hours and other detail to make contact with stunning hotties at the brothels in Norway.

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