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Brothels, Strip Clubs & Erotic Clubs in Thessaloniki

Looking for a brothel in Thessaloniki? We can’t blame you. The Greeks are famous for giving sexual matters a fair amount of attention since ancient times. Then, men raised monuments to their genitalia and had sex with technically everyone, making huge orgies a common sight. In the end, what sparks up sexual tensions more than azure beaches, bikini bodies and Ouzo?

Old and new cohabit wonderfully in this city: the Arch of Galerius, an intricate 4th-century monument, overlooks the busy shopping drag of Egnatia, while Thessaloniki's most famous sight, the White Tower, anchors a waterfront packed with cocktail bars.After a few drinks, your borders fall and the night turns into a sensual exploration of the hot bodies walking around. Remember though that street prostitution is illegal in Greece; sex work isn't. There are many brothels (or ‘studios’) where women can register to work legally. Studio-based prostitution is considered safer and is regulated, so you can easily find the Greek goddess of your dreams.

To get to known the best brothels in Thessaloniki, look at the map or navigate through the suggestions below and start your Greek erotic endeavor.

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